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“I am going to make everything around me beautiful - That will be my life.” 

-  Elise De Wolfe

With impeccable taste and an eye for design, Janet specializes in pinpointing her client’s unique aesthetic and bringing their visions to life. Janet's distinctive background and diverse experiences have allowed her to hone her creative and people skills in a variety of ways, playing a major role in shaping her craft.

Graduating from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business with a degree in marketing (go Hoosiers!), Janet helped businesses better understand their customers, communicate their brand message, and visualize their brand identity. After many years working for a number of companies from Macy’s to Southern Bank Group, she left the business world to pursue her best job to date: being a mom.

Years of organizing, planning, and working with schools and philanthropies have prompted Janet to again use her creative side professionally, and channel her love for design and retail into a number of avenues. She and her sister started and owned a building supply company, she represented artists through a well known Charlotte gallery, and for the last three years has worked in sales and interior design for a boutique Buckhead retail/design firm. All roads have led to Coverings: Janet's interior design business.  This venture allows her to meet and work with amazing clients, delve into unique projects, foster relationships within the design community, and most importantly; create LOVED AND LIVED IN SPACES.  


Janet is at home in both Atlanta and along 30A, but is happy anywhere when her husband, kids and dog are in tow. 


Valerie, Atlanta

Janet has brought so much light and life into our Buckhead home. She had her work cut out for her as my husband and I have very different taste in decor. But Janet has a talent for reading people and hit home runs in making our home exactly what we wanted. Just one example was putting the finishing touches in our family room where we spend 80% of our time. From paint color updates to curtains and blinds, we have a beautiful, cozy and complete haven. Every one of her decor vendors are professional, prompt and courteous. It speaks volumes that they all hold a deep respect for Janet and enjoy working for her.  Trust me when I say they will move mountains for Janet because they have to meet our needs.  I feel like we are always changing something around here and I won’t make one without her.

Robert, Florida

My experience with Janet Kresser was very positive.  The results were wonderful and the process was made very efficient with her internet based presentation through which I could make approvals of her suggested items.  I am very pleased with the new look of my beach condo in Seagrove Beach Florida.  I would recommend her work to anyone looking for professional design results. 

Judy, Duluth

While many designers wanted to reflect their style rather than mine, Janet made a point to understand what I liked so that my house was decorated as my own. She brought samples that were spot-on with my taste, and I’m absolutely IN LOVE with the window treatments and wallpaper she suggested for our new house!

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